Natural Heritage
Master Plan


Aware of the ecological diversity of the port precinct and the need to understand it better, the Grand Port Maritime de La Réunion began to implement its Natural Heritage Master Plan (NHMP) in late 2015.

The NHMP is a guidance plan based on inventories of the fauna, flora, and natural habitats of the terrestrial and marine environment.

It manifests Grand Port Maritime de La Réunion’s desire to preserve ecologically sensitive sectors and to pursue a responsible land use management policy, complementing the development of its industrial and port-related activities. Economic development implies long-term planning and forward-looking approaches aimed at developing the territory consensually.

Accurate inventories and analyses of the natural environment were conducted in 2016 and 2017 over an extended perimeter covering adjacent neighbourhoods, from Rivière des Galets to Grande Chaloupe. For the first time the fauna, flora and natural habitats of the port area were catalogued, identified, mapped, and assessed, ensuring much deserved and proper recognition. As a result the port has improved knowledge of its natural heritage, enabling the latter to be better integrated into development projects and helping stewardship. This knowledge will also be of benefit to partner organisations (public and local authorities, associations, etc.).

More information about the NHMP, its inventories, and the action plan.

Page last modified on: 23 April 2021