Grand Port Maritime de La Réunion


A European port in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Grand Port Maritime de La Réunion plays a key role in the development, supply, and international presence of Reunion Island.

Created on 1st January 2013 through the merger of the former Ports and Airports department of the island’s Division of Environment, Development and Housing (DEAL) and the port concession of Reunion’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Grand Port Maritime De La Réunion is the principal gateway to the island.

The port serves many purposes: as a centre for commercial trade, as a marine terminal, naval base, marina and fishing port. Port Reunion is also the:


Located on the Asia-Africa route, Reunion Island enjoys a strategic position as an important hub for international trade in the southern hemisphere. Its location makes it a mainspring for the economic development and attractiveness of the island.

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The activities and terminals of Grand Port Maritime de La Réunion are located on two large sites, 3 km apart.

  • Port Ouest: the oldest site was inaugurated in 1886 and now houses recreational activities, fishing, and naval repair.
  • Port Est: inaugurated in 1986, Port Est handles commercial activities: container traffic, hydrocarbons, vehicles, dry bulk and conventional cargo as well as cruise ships.
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As a key contributor to Reunion Island’s economic vitality, Grand Port Maritime de La Réunion is committed to continually improving its activities and services. This quest for excellence is achieved through the motivation and training of Port Reunion employees, as well as the high technical and environmental standard of its infrastructure.

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Established through consultation with all Grand Port Maritime de La Réunion employees, our organisational structure aims to ensure that Port Reunion’s services are as effective and efficient as possible.

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