Presentation of the
Strategic Plan

leprojetDrafted in consultation with all stakeholders concerned (local and public authorities, businesses, partners, associations, etc.), the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan was developed on the strength of work by the Supervisory Board, Development Council, and Executive Board.

This strategic road map aims to put the port’s ambitions into effect through two key approaches:

A Sustainable Port

To position Port Reunion as a strategic player and driving force for sustainable development in the Indian Ocean, by adopting demanding environmental and societal standards.

A Connected Port

To position Port Reunion as a state-of-the-art regional transshipment hub, by strengthening the competitiveness and reliability of infrastructure.

The themes

Boosting maritime connectivity, investing in the blue economy, upgrading dredging and handling equipment, handling more cruise liners, assisting the dematerialisation of operations.

Following a phase of public consultation the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan was validated by the Supervisory Board in November 2019.
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