Our work

At Grand Port Maritime de La Réunion the work of our teams falls into four main categories:

Harbour master


  • Policing port operations and waterways
  • Transport police
  • Safety / Security / Environment
  • Port security (regulatory requirements)
  • Monitoring the port precinct
  • Patrolling
  • Visitor and user access checks

Occupations: port officers, port facility security officers, port security officers

Commercial operations


  • Dry bulk division: grain, sugar and coal terminals
  • Passenger and general cargo divisions: provision of tools, open storage areas, warehouses, marine terminal management
  • Hydrocarbon and marine services division: bitumen terminal, user services, vessel safety, sidings, waste management
  • Sales and marketing operations

Occupations: multi-skilled workers, equipment operators, electromechanics, mechanics, maintenance technicians, etc.

General and legal services


  • Projects and planning: implementation and monitoring of various projects according to the investment plan
  • Maintenance and dredging: ship repair and maintenance of water lots, channels, and protective structures
  • Property: management of public property, refrigerated warehouses, fishing, maintenance
  • Information systems
  • Procurement
  • Quality / Safety / Professional risk assessment

Occupations: operations managers, divers, sailors/crane operators, refrigeration specialists, electricians, construction workers, etc.

Administrative support services


  • Communication
  • Legal services
  • Human resources
  • Accounting
  • Public procurement
  • Secretarial work & assistance
  • Risk management and internal audit

Page last modified on: 23 April 2021