Joint statement by Reunion Island Prefecture & GPMDLR: Technical call for Costa Deliziosa

On Wednesday 25 March, the cruise liner Costa Deliziosa will make a technical stopover at Port Reunion. Five containers will be loaded on board so that the cruise ship can continue its ocean voyage to Italy.

The containers hold food for those on board, who would be in great difficulty without this replenishment of supplies.

Three passengers originally from Reunion are also on the ship. At the request of their families and given their frail state of health they will be allowed to disembark on condition that they agree to a 14-day quarantine.

The Costa Deliziosa’s itinerary before stopping in Reunion:

Costa Deliziosa arrives from Mauritius where she refuelled on Tuesday 23 March, and where no disembarkation or direct contact occurred.

The cruise liner’s previous port calls date from 5 March in Sydney and 16 March in Fremantle, Australia.

Measures taken by Port Reunion to receive the cruise ship

After consultation with all those concerned, Grand Port Maritime De La Réunion will implement the following measures:

Issue of a clean bill of health

In accordance with the procedure implemented for receiving vessels since the beginning of the coronavirus situation, a Maritime Declaration of Health has been sent to port authorities.

As no passenger health issues have been reported, on 23 March the Regional Health Authority issued a clean bill of health authorising the vessel to enter the port.

Three passengers originally from Reunion are among those on board the Costa Deliziosa. Health authorities have authorised their disembarkation, thereby allowing them to return to their homes. Upon landing at the port they will be met by border health control officials who will provide them with information about the COVID-19 coronavirus as well as a questionnaire and a ‘commitment to lockdown’ document to sign, similar to that being given out to passengers who touch down at Reunion’s airport.

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