PORT REUNION launches a new digital solution to manage port calls

Since 1st December 2020, all members of Reunion’s port community can now organise their port calls using a new, modern operation-oriented tool: S-WiNG Réunion.

This resource, developed by HAROPA at Le Havre – a port complex with whom Grand Port Maritime de la Réunion has already worked on its digital dangerous goods management system – enables all participants in a port call to declare and retrieve the information they need in real time and under the watchful eye of the Harbour master’s office.

Grand Port Maritime de la Réunion and HAROPA Port du Havre would like to take this opportunity to thank all port stakeholders for their full cooperation in this project despite conditions being complicated due to the health crisis.

A new phase has been reached for PORT REUNION, who will continue working to improve and streamline procedures in order to develop a “SMART and SAFE PORT”.

More than just a physical space between land and sea, PORT REUNION is increasingly a major point of convergence for information related to the exchange of goods. Networks managing today’s flow of information must not only be efficient and interoperable, but also ensure transactions are secure, and be compatible with an ever-increasing demand for e-services.

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