Olivier HOARAU re-elected Chair of the Supervisory Board

Following the 2020 municipal elections and the changes this entailed to the Community Council of the West Coast Inter-Council Partnership (TCO), Olivier Hoarau, Mayor of Le Port and Emmanuel Seraphin, TCO Chair, were appointed as Representatives of their respective entities to GPMDLR’s Supervisory Board.

The arrival of these new members changed the composition of the Supervisory Board, and a new Chair had to be elected. The other administrators remained in the same roles.

On Thursday 17 September 2020, and under the auspices of Vice-Chair Anita Germond, the Supervisory Board unanimously re-elected Olivier Hoarau as Chair.

Consisting of 17 members, the main tasks of the Supervisory Board are to decide on the Port’s strategic plan and ensure permanent supervision of its management. Approval of GPMDLR’s pricing policy and budget also fall within its purview. Members of the Supervisory Board are not paid for their duties.